"HOW 2 BE NORMKRITISK" is part of a bachelor's thesis in graphic design that focuses on a norm critical approach, mostly known in Sweden. The book includes interviews with Paloma Blanco, Moa Schulman and Lina Forsgren. The thesis researches what norm critical and norm creative graphic design are, and how to use strategies from the approach to make the topic more known for the graphic design industry. 

As a result of literature studies, interviews, observations and brainstorming, the book "HOW 2 BE NORMKRITISK" has been developed as an answer to the research question. The norm critical approach started as a discourse in Sweden, and it is a method that challenges norms in both graphic design and the society. The book describes the history of the concepts, seeks a definition of the terms, sets it up against Italian Anti-Design, and shows tips and examples of how one can work norm critically and creatively.

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